Hydroxytyrosol, the wonder product derived from olive oil, has taken the entire health industry by a storm. This simple phenol is beneficial for human beings in a number of ways, such as, increasing immunity, reducing inflammation, acts as a powerful antioxidant, useful in arthritis and cardiovascular diseases, and so on.


However, in the midst of this heightened popularity of Hydroxytyrosol as the ultimate health product, some people are concerned about the possible side effects. Although, as per research studies conducted, there are no significant Hydroxytyrosol side effects that can harm human health, yet it is better to consume the product according to the prescribed dosage.

In case, very high doses of this antioxidant are consumed, it might result in side effects like allergic reactions or diarrhea. See hydroxytyrosol supplement to buy this healthy product


In addition to this, if you are pregnant or in the breast feeding stage, you must consult your doctor before taking Hydroxytyrosol as not much is known about its suitability during such times.

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