What Is The Best Hydroxytyrosol Supplement?

Feeling Tired Or suffering from Infections?

antioxidantDo you often feel tired and lethargic after an intense exercise session? Do you have a weak immune system that puts you at a high risk of chronic diseases, like cancer and diabetes? Do you often fall ill on account of bacterial infections? If the answer to all these questions is in the Positive, then the best hydroxytyrosol supplement – ProHealth’s Hydroxytyrosol Extreme will provide you with the solutions.

Need a Powerful antioxidant?

Hydroxytyrosol Extreme is one of the most powerful antioxidants discovered till date. It has an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity – ability of absorbing free radicals that damage cells) value of nearly 68,576, which is around 3 times higher than that of CoQ10 and 15 times higher than that of Green Tea. This is the biggest reason that ProHealth’s Hydroxytyrosol Extreme stands out as a pure Hydroxytyrosol supplement. More about hydroxytyrosol health benefits here.

Vegan? Not A Problem!

ProHealth’s Hydroxytyrosol Extreme, comes in the form of a set of 90 capsules that are taken orally. These capsules are completely vegetarian, and each capsule contains 25mg of hydroxytyrosol, which is derived from organic leaves of olives. In addition to this, the capsules may even contain slight traces of hydroxypropyl methyl, magnesium stearate, cellulose, silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, and water. However, no sugar, starch, gluten, salt, yeast, egg, corn, meat, milk, and shellfish or any other preservatives are present.

hydroxytyrosol supplementsEven a very small molecule of this supplement – ProHealth’s Hydroxytyrosol Extreme gets rapidly absorbed inside the body tissues and bloodstream. It also comes with the ability to cross the barrier between the bloodstream and the brain so as to fight free radicals, and provide the body with the much required systemic defense. Apart from this, as it is supposed to do; it reduces inflammation, soothes the cardiovascular system with its therapeutic effects, improves the life quality of patients suffering from osteoporosis, and significantly promotes reduction in the level of LDL cholesterol.

Scientific Research

Some in vitro studies also indicate the promising effects of this hydroxytyrosol supplement in the domain of neuro-protection, inhibiting the progression of diabetic neuropathy, and breast health tissue. ProHealth’s Hydroxytyrosol Extreme is available in the market in its purest and best form. On account of this, it is completely safe to use and is not associated with any adverse side effects (even at very high doses). It has been granted the GRAS status by the U.S based FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

However, a word of caution: If you are undergoing pregnancy or are in your breastfeeding stage, it is better to take the advice of your healthcare professional before using the ProHealth’s Hydroxytyrosol Extreme.